A feast for brunch


Our feasting menus are designed to share. Eat them individually or pair them with other feasting menus. They are lush and are the best way to celebrate any occasion.

Feeds 6 - 8.

  • Baker Bleu Country Wheel
  • Cosma's House Made Beetroot Salmon Gravlax
  • 500g Labneh
  • 500g Humus
  • 1kg Tuna Dip with Corn, Pickles and Dill
  • Medium Israeli Salad
  • Medium Crunchy and Chunky Green Salad with Cucumber, Avocado and Toasted Seeds
  • Medium Zucchini Ribbon Salad with Quinoa, Feta, Hazelnuts and Poached Eggs with a Lemon Olive Oil Dressing
  • 1 Whole side of Baked Salmon with a Dill Horseradish Sauce 
Disclaimer: Product may differ from image provided
Allergens: Contains gluten, dairy + egg