Cosma Catering

Meet the Owner Leigh Shani

Hello, My name is Leigh Shani and I am the director of Cosma Catering.

Cosma Catering is space in which my dreams + passion come alive; this comes out in the food we create.

We do a range of different things from private events, corporate events, birthdays, weddings, family dinner + home cooked meals.

My chefs and I use Cosma as a space to harvest our interests and become masters of different areas. We dedicate time and effort to allow us to learn new skills. We pride ourselves on being flexible to our clients needs + dietary requirements and we always try to go above and beyond anyones expectation.

Cosma is my passion. Cosma is a place that our visions and dreams really do come alive.

I hope that you can taste it in the food!

Catering & Events

For the sweetest moments in life

Whatever the celebration, Cosma Catering can put together a world-class menu that’s tailored to suit your event.

With delectable options personalised to your event, you can be sure that your function’s food will be delicious and unique.

Home Deliveries


Cosma Catering specialises in preparing and delivering wholesale home-style food to your door.

From staple products through to three-course meals for the entire week, Cosma Catering has you covered.

Due to the ongoing risks of COVID-19, Cosma Catering is taking extreme precautions to ensure your orders are safe. Additionally Cosma Catering is offering discounted home delivery.