June Soup Club (5 weeks)

Please note:

  • This product is a subscription to receive a soup each week for the month of June.
  • Each week includes 3 servings.
  • If you would like to opt in the middle of the month please note the standing fee remains the same.
  • Delivery is every Tuesday during business hours.
  • Each soup is Vegetarian (not including the swap over option below).
  • *If you do not want the soup on offer one of these weeks, you can swap to our delicious chicken broth with kreplach (comes frozen). ONLY valid one week per month. Please specify in special requests.*


Soup flavours:

  • Week 1- Persian red lentil soup with tehini, beetroot and fried mint.
  • Week 2- Miso noodle soup with mushrooms and ginger.
  • Week 3- Cauliflower, leek and parmesan soup.
  • Week 4- Vegetarian minestrone soup with hand grated parmesan and croutons.
  • Week 5- Vegetarian ramen with blanched eggs, noodles and Asian vegetables.